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Love is watching someone die.

So who's going to watch you die?

A synonym for 'human' is 'irrational.'

Here's what other people think about me, and the overlap with what I think about myself:
My Johari Window. If you're a friend, feel free to contribute.

BPAL Wishlist and Bpal Scent likes and dislikes.

Bpal Feedback Page
abortion rights, accomplishment, acting, adventure, anime, art, b-grade horror movies, behaviorism, birth control, books, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, charlie chaplin, childfree, childfreedom, chocobos, co-op games, companionship, complexity, computers, correct spelling and grammar, curiosity, d&d, death cab for cutie, different cultures, digital photography, dinks and oinks, drawing, dreams, equal rights, exploration, fate versus free will, feminism, ff9, final fantasy, gaming, genetic engineering, good spot checks, graphic design, hiking, humor, incense, individuality, intelligence, introspection, isaac asimov, jake, journalism, justice, karma, kenshin, kitties, knowledge, laughing, learning, liberals, livejournal, logical fallacies, mario and luigi, mashed potatoes, meaningful photographs, might and magic, mtg, my dog sherlock, my ferret mynx (rip), nature, ninjas and pirates, nintendo, non-conformity, objectivity, observation, online comics, open-mindedness, pacifism, pepsi, philosophy, piercings, poetry, politeness, pro-choice, progress, pseudosciences, psychology, psychonauts, puppies, questions, radiohead, rain, raze's hell, reality, reproductive rights, rock hunting, rpgs, sci-fi and fantasy fiction, science fiction, seattle, secretly observing others, self-expression, singing, skepticism, snow, social constructs, social norms and mores, social sciences, socialization, society, sociology, sony, speculation, stem cell research, suikoden, tattoos, technological advancement, the postal service, theatre, thunder eggs, trigun, truth, value village, video games, webcomics, weird weather, well-behaved dogs, white chocolate, winter, wintereenmas, wolf's rain, women's rights, writing, x-files, yin and yang, yoshi, ywca, zombies!!